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We have helped win thousands of pounds for our Client’s on a no-win no-fee basis. Average client claim value is £348 per passenger (February-2015).

You can claim for flight delay compensation under EU law if since 2004 you had a flight that was:

  • Delayed

  • Cancelled

  • Re-routed

  • Denied Boarding

Learn more about flight delay compensation

Get Money Back for Delayed Flights

Delayed flights seem like a normal part of travelling by air. Sometimes your flight is on time and sometimes it can be an hour late, two hours late or even more. It is something many travellers just accept, but what if you could receive compensation for that inconvenience?

Make no mistake- a delayed flight is certainly an inconvenience. You may miss an important meeting or end up having far less time to visit with your family and friends. If you have to wait in the airport for hours, you can feel tired by the time you reach your destination and not be able to enjoy your travel as much. Worst of all, you could miss a connecting flight and have to pay for a new flight to replace it. A single delayed flight, even with a short delay, can throw off your entire travel experience.

We Can Help

That’s where we come in, representing travellers like yourself who have suffered from the adverse effects of delayed flights. What you may not realize is that in many cases, people who suffer a delayed flight are entitled, either by law or by airline standards, to be compensated for the delays. Typically, this comes in the form of monetary compensation. The airline may offer you free miles for your troubles, but we can make sure you get cash, so you can spend it where you like and not be forced to spend more time with an airline that delays its flights.

We’ve been able to help many travellers just like yourself receive just compensation for their troubles. You should know that the odds that you will be compensated for delays are quite good. These kinds of cases are being made constantly, and most airlines just want to settle quickly rather than deal with poor publicity or disgruntled customers. They know that the delays are their fault, whether they were avoidable or not, and they understand that they owe you for your troubles.

That said, not every flight delay compensation case can be won, but we will do our best to make sure you get the most favourable outcome. Your case’s success is our top priority, and we are invested in that success since we receive no payment if your case is not successful.

How Much Compensation You Will Receive

There isn’t a set amount of compensation that applies to all flight delay cases. Generally, the amount paid out is based on how many hours your flight was delayed. The longer your delay, the more money you receive.

But sometimes other factors come into play. If the delay caused you to suffer more severely, then you may be owed more money. This could include instances where you missed a connecting flight and had to buy a new ticket to make your next connection. You may be compensated for that ticket’s cost on top of the delay compensation. You could also be compensated extra for important events that you missed because of the delay, such as a job interview or a meeting.

While we cannot tell you how much you will receive until we have reviewed your case, we can tell you that we have helped our clients receive sizeable compensation sums for their troubles. You could be entitled to a hefty payment due to delays you suffered. But that can only happen if you contact us and take advantage of our expertise.

While we do charge a nominal fee for our services, we operate on a no-win no-fee basis. So if we don’t win any compensation for you, then you don’t have to pay us anything. You only pay if your case is won and the airline pays you.

Why Choose Us to Represent You

It’s true you could simply represent yourself or try another firm to help you with your case. But we have experience in dealing with these kinds of cases and in working with the airlines.

We know the law in this regards and what individual airline’s policies are on the matter. We know what kind of compensation is fair and what the precedent is for cases that are similar to your own. Because of this knowledge and experience, we are able to meet the airlines on terms they are familiar with and present them with a claim that is within the acceptable range for just compensation.

Our past success with flight delay compensation cases means we know that kind of offer to make to the airlines to avoid outright rejection. This saves you and us the trouble of taking the case to court. Generally, these sorts of cases can be settled outside of court in an expedient manner, getting you the money you are owed quickly and without a lot of additional fees or hassle. But that only happens if a reasonable case is represented, and we can ensure that happens.

We review each case carefully, matching up individual circumstances to precedents set by cases in the past. This allows us to make a fair assessment and to determine how successful the case will be. It also allows us to reasonably predict how much compensation you will receive.

Get Your Compensation Quickly

Are you ready to receive the money you are owed? You don’t have to fight with the airlines over what they owe you. We will deal with them, and all you have do is provide us with the information pertaining to your flight delay and subsequent inconveniences. We will handle the rest for you and make sure that your case has a high chance of success.

We have already provided great outcomes for many other clients, and we will put that experience to work for you to ensure that you are compensated. There is no risk to you, and the reward could be considerable. Instead of wondering how much the airline owes you for your trouble, contact us today to find out and start getting back the money they owe you. This is your chance to receive what is rightfully yours. Please note if you have injured your self on holiday this is not compensation and your travel insurance provider will cover you for the fees.

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